Personal Statement

Being trained as a surgeon, an engineer, and a multidisciplinary scientist, my career vision is to improve human health, longevity, and quality of life through research. My research focuses on developing new transdisciplinary platform technologies and therapeutic strategies for next-generation cardiovascular regenerative medicine and engineering, integrating genetic engineering, synthetic biology, stem cells, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and molecular cardiology principles. My broad yet in-depth trainings and experiences with clinical medicine, surgery, and bioengineering as well as synthetic and regenerative biology have equipped me with a unique and rigorous scientific background and translational research capability for a career as an independent investigator.

During my medical education and surgical residency at CSMU in Taiwan, I performed research in thoracic cartilage and tracheal tissue engineering (mentors: Dr. Jang-Ming Su and Prof. Shan-hui Hsu). During the master’s program at UPenn, I participated in research projects focusing on vascular tissue engineering (advisor: Prof. Keith Gooch) and inorganic orthopedic biomaterials (advisor: Prof. Paul Ducheyne). My Ph.D. dissertation research at UPitt concentrated on the role of blood-vessel-derived stem cells in cardiac repair and regeneration (advisors: Prof. Bruno Péault and Prof. Johnny Huard). My first postdoctoral training with Prof. Yadong Wang (primary mentor) and Prof. Johnny Huard (co-mentor) at UPitt centered on applications of novel biomaterials, controlled release of growth factors/cytokines, and regenerative extracellular matrix for cardiovascular regenerative medicine.

Currently at my NIH-sponsored second postdoctoral training at MIT and MGH, I am developing transformative therapeutic platforms, inspired by genetic engineering and synthetic biology, for cardiac regeneration and heart failure therapeutics (mentors: Prof. Timothy Lu at MIT and Prof. Anthony Rosenzweig at MGH/Harvard). My career goal is to be an independent principle investigator at a major research university/institute and to develop a transdisciplinary research program for cardiovascular regenerative engineering and medicine.